For the all-too-busy Project Manager.

Hassel free unit paving, letting you focus on what matters most.




What Cascadian can offer.

Planning for every detail, Keeping your team in the loop, and Flawlessly executing your project.

Systematic Detail.

Working with you, your team, and project stake-holders.
Ensuring that the provided design meets requirements for
project goals, and maintains an industry-leading, serviceable

Intricate Planning.

Even with the best plans, problems can arise. We attempt
to plan for the future using modern techniques,
hiring and training a skilled workforce, and ensuring
every aspect of our organization serves your team.
We have the utmost integrity and ethics.

Risk managed.
Physical and digital.

Any endeavour has risk; we seek to mitigate those risks.
This is used on-site, inter-team, and online.

We strive to keep our entire firm updated with the most holistic
of risk management programs.

At the ready. Here to serve.

A firm built to meet your qualifcations.

Fully Insured

Insured to install pedestal pavers and unit paving on even the largest of projects.

Post-Fulfilment Service

Guaranteed workmanship on all our projects, for years after we complete our part, at your award-winner.

Quality, Quantified

Virtually walk completed project in our protfollio to know exactly the quality we delivered.

Knowledge Base

Access to our depth of experience from years of installing unit paving. Exclusive Insights into the leading edge of assembly designs,

A trade with historic skills
meeting modern soultions.

On grade.

Applications the meet requirements for pathways,
access roads, parking lots, court yards, and beyond.

Over membrane.

Over waterproofing mebranes, reclaiming space for
roof decks, plazas, and terraces.

For the future.

Managing stormwater onsite, our assemblies can
digest hydrocarbons aiding in cleaning water
for a healthier Puget Sound.

Partners in Craftsmanship

Join companies like yours,
that use Cascadian to create
lasting results.