Hassle-Free Unit Paving

We work with General Contractors to deliver outstanding installations – on budget and on time.
Letting you focus on what matters most.

Your clients have expectations.

Pavers are beautiful and blend tastefully with their surroundings for years to come.

Detailed Planning.

When your client wants a roof-deck or pavers, we work with
your team so everyone knows exactly what
they will see on the finished project.

If specifications are yet to be determined, we are able to aid in their development.
We assist stakeholders in selecting type, color, design, or styles
they want for their environment.

On-Time Execution.

Legal and compliant while flawlessly delivering your project.
Our crews control dust, manage slurry,
and make sure every piece of scrap is recycled.

Performing to highest standards, meeting required function.

Paver complexities simplified.

Construction is rarely simple – we make unit paving easier to manage with transparent communication.


As a next-generation subcontractor we use information technology to communicate through secure methods. Our clients receive up to date KPIs and reporting during our fufilment proccees.


Scheduling, Installation preformance, and modern comunication practices bring you insights regarding project status during our time on site.


Pavers and Pedestal pavers carry their own set of unique challenges. We ensure the installation is up to code requirements. Practices are follwed to reduce the enviromental impact of working with concrete products.


Our experienced team works with pavers on grade and over roofing membranes everyday. Following industry best practices, you’ll rest easy knowing your project will be done once, done right.

Your Project, Our Work.
One Satisfied Client.

Our solutions integrate with your existing processes,
to ensure proper design prior to installation. We offer
insightful knowledge for your team and clients.

Installations that outlast the toughest demands. Looking
magnificent well beyond the initial year.

Start to Finish.

All projects have their challenges.
Don’t let unit paving be one of them.

We work with you to understand the exact scope
of your project. No “finding as you go.” You’ll know
what we plan to do, and how we plan to do it.
You’ll have our insights for added clarity to integrate our work
into your construction schedule.

Clarity for all, delivered in pavers.

Partners in Craftsmanship

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7241 185th Ave NE #2341
Redmond, WA 98073